The Book door opening system is an asymmetrically folding door. In the process of opening, the door leaf is divided into narrow and wide parts. When open, the door is perpendicular to the wall. The wider segment protrudes so that only a small protrusion remains on each side. It is ideal for narrow corridors, shelving aisles or when there is not enough space for a standard swing door. As is the case with all opening systems, you have the option of choosing a door stopper for the "Book" system. A well thought out mechanism, hidden in the upper part of the doorway, ensures smooth and quiet door opening. This door opening system is suitable for all models of doors with a smooth door leaf, as well as for panel doors from PROFILDOORS.

By choosing the Book system, you are choosing more than just a door opening system. This opening system emphasizes style and technically ingenious design.

Demo-Video des Systems Buch