Opening systems


The Compack Living door opening system combines practical efficiency and modern high-quality PROFILDOORS technologies. A single-leaf or double-leaf folding door is one of the proofs of how well functionality and sophistication can be combined. Thanks to the rotating and sliding mechanism, this door opening system does not require much space.


The Coupé system is a classic among sliding doors: the door leaf runs silently along a guiding profile that runs along the wall. The running rail is made of aluminum. The set includes rollers, clamping bar, locking device and guide angle. The robust, almost silent design fits all PROFILDOORS door leaves.


The Book door opening system is an asymmetrically folding door. In the process of opening, the door leaf is divided into narrow and wide parts. When open, the door is perpendicular to the wall. The wider segment protrudes so that only a small protrusion remains on each side.

Real Magic

The Magic door opening system is a combination of advanced technology and sophisticated design. Be sure to see for yourself how quietly the sliding door moves along the wall. It's just magic! The secret of the real illusion lies in the hidden, smoothly moving floor rollers and an invisible guiding profile mounted on the top of the doors.


Thanks to the Rotory door opening system, PROFILDOORS has taken quite a bold step. One system combines the properties of swing doors, sliding doors and doors that open in both directions. Depending on the design, the pivoting mechanism moves the middle part of the door leaf to the left or right relative to the vertical line of the wall.


Have you ever seen a secret Baroque door that is flush with the wall? Thanks to the Invisible opening system, PROFILDOORS interprets this classic in a completely new way. In this case, you will not see a standard frame, only a thin aluminum frame (max. 2 mm) that is flush with the wall and door.


Looking for a rustic sliding door? Then the Izyda system is just for you. Thanks to its large, visible, silently moving wheels, it will perfectly fit into a rustic interior: in a country house room, kitchen or shed. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised at how quietly this system works. The secret of soundproofing lies in the drive wheels, which look like iron wheels.

Diva Air

This system is the diva among the door opening systems from PROFILDOORS, being elegant and light as a cloud. Therefore, it was named Diva Air. A real premium model! The metal profile in silver or black is used for sliding doors, and the fasteners are not visible.