Thanks to the Rotory door opening system, PROFILDOORS has taken quite a bold step. One system combines the properties of swing doors, sliding doors and doors that open in both directions. Depending on the design, the pivoting mechanism moves the middle part of the door leaf to the left or right relative to the vertical line of the wall. This allows the user to open the door in both directions. This is quite practical if, for example, you are walking from kitchen to dining room, and your hands are busy. When open, the door is always in the center of the wall. The door closes easily with just one push. This well thought-out mechanism is convenient where furniture is located close to the door.

A door with the Rotory opening system takes up significantly less space than a standard door leaf. We recommend you to choose the double-leaf door option for wide corridors. The set of doors with the Rotory opening system also includes a lock keeper and door covering. This system can be combined with all our door models. Nothing will prevent you from bringing zest to your interior.

Demo-Video des Systems  Rotory